Ipevo IW2 wireless interactive whiteboard system,  extremely portable, versatile and affordable allows virtually any flat surface to be turned into an Interactive white board using intuitive and practical infra red technology.

 Requires Pc/Mac and Projector


  • Pen Trigger: Tip sensor or button sensor
  • Effective Distance: 112 - 400 cm
  • Battery Type: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Compatibility: Mac & Win Pc

£ 120.00

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Need an affordable, versatile, and wireless interactive whiteboard system? You've come to the right place. The IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System, or IW2, is the next revolution in interactive whiteboard system technology. IW2 takes all the well-liked features of its predecessor, the IS-01, and adds wireless convenience. You'll enjoy the same affordability, the versatility to transform most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard, the capability to draw and annotate in real time, and the compatibility to work seamlessly with a wide variety of third-party software. But now with IW2, you can leave the wire behind as you add an interactive element which truly brings lessons to life.

How Does IW2 Work?

IW2 is made up of three devices: the Interactive Pen, the Sensor Cam, and the Wireless Receiver (attached at the bottom of the Interactive Pen). The Interactive Pen emits infrared signals on contact or by pressing the IPEVO button on the Pen. The Sensor Cam, which acts as the 'eye' of IW2, then reads the infrared signals emitted and detects the physical location of the Pen. The Sensor Cam works in the same way as how our eyes work, and so it's necessary to ensure any taps or movements with the Interactive Pen can be 'seen'/detected by the Sensor Cam. With that in mind, please keep a clear path between the Sensor Cam and the Pen to ensure maximum accuracy.

After detecting the physical location of the Pen, the Sensor Cam sends this information wirelessly via the paired Wireless Receiver (which must be plugged into the computer’s USB port) to your computer, which then translates the Pen’s motion into cursor motion. Thus, wherever you move the Pen, the computer will also move its cursor in real time, just like a wireless mouse. You can also perform mouse clicks and drags with the Interactive Pen.

Data sheet

  • Pen Trigger - Tip sensor or button sensor
  • Effective Distance - 112 - 400 cm
  • Battery Type - 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Compatibility - Mac & Win Pc


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