RTX4002 Repeater

RTX4002 Repeater

RTX4002 Repeater

A repeater can be deployed when a need to extend the range of a DECT telephone arises. This normally arise from limited coverage or improve reception in remote areas

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The RTX 4002 DECT Repeater is intended for use in residential, business and public DECT applications based on the GAP profile. Note the RTX4002D has the option of an external aerial with SMA connector, which significantly improves the signal range up to 1.5km (varies) when used with the optional aerial. The RTX 4002 has two internal antennas and can be used to extend the effective range of any standard DECT GAP base station. The repeater then automatically assigns itself the first available RPN number. If more repeaters have to be assigned to the same base station, the procedure just has to be repeated. The repeaters automatically keep track of the next available RPN number. A total of 6 repeaters can be assigned to each DECT GAP base station. The RTX 4002 measures only 120x130x35 mm and can easily be mounted on walls The RTX 4002 features the new unique automatic registration method. This registration method allows the repeater to automatically assign itself to any given DECT GAP base station. To register the user simply places the repeater in close proximity to the base station (within 2 metres), opens the base station for registration and turns on the repeater.